History of the Club

The Rutherglen Cruising Club came about when between the wars the Old Pals Club and the Strathclyde Boat Club amalgamated. The site of the yard was a slaughterhouse adjacent on the river bank to where the Thomas Seath ship building yard was located.

Here are some photographs of  club members in the 1950’s. Do you recognise them?

Copy (2) of ScannedImageCopy (2) of ScannedImage-2

Bobby and Effie McClymont         Polly and  John Grindrod Effies sister and father

Copy of ScannedImageScannedImage-8

The Glen Arden under way.                                The Glen Arden under conversion?

Copy (3) of ScannedImageScannedImage-9

The Glen Arden down the river and up the river.

Effie at the wheel.

Please contribute to this page if you have any anecdotes and pictures that would be interesting and amusing.


2 Responses to History of the Club

  1. John cooke says:

    I took some photos with my drone and tried to send them to you?

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